Ben 10 Party

If you are thinking of throwing a Ben 10 birthday party, you can rest easy knowing there are many Ben 10 party supplies out there to help you out. From invitations to decorations, tableware and party bags, with a few clicks of your mouse you will be ready to create an alien adventure party to remember. We have grouped the items available into categories so that you do not miss anything and also so that you can see the options available to you at a glance.

Ben 10 Party In A Box
All the Ben 10 party supplies you need in one box. It includes invitations, decorations of room banners and balloons, tableware of plates, cups, napkins, party hats and a table cover as well as pre-filled party bags. Available for parties of 10, 15, 20 and 25 children. This offers a cost effective option for a quick and easy Ben 10 party.
Ben 10 Invitations
Pad of 20 invitations and white envelopes.
Ben 10 Invitations
Pack of 6 invitations.
Ben 10 Party Banner
Single plastic banner measuring 450cm x 13cm.
Ben 10 Balloon
Uninflated foil balloon - 45cm - needs helium.
Ben 10 Balloon
Uninflated foil balloon - 45cm - needs helium.
Ben 10 Balloon
Two each of red, yellow and green metallic latex ballons - 30cm - inflate with air or helium.
Ben 10 Balloon
Six assorted balloons- 25cm - needs helium.
Ben 10 Balloon
15 lime green latex balloons.
Ben 10 Party Pack
Pack of 8 cups, plates, napkins and a table cover.
Ben 10 Party Cups
Pack of 8 party cups.
Ben 10 Party Plates
Pack of 8 party plates.
Ben 10 Party Napkins
Pack of 16 party napkins.
Ben 10 Party Tablecover
Plastic tablecover - 259cm x 137cm.
Ben 10 Party Tablecover
Plastic tablecover - 177cm x 120cm
Ben 10 Crackers
5 small crackers with snaps, toy and hat.
     BEN 10 CAKE
Ben 10 Cake
Well decorated childrens birthday cakes can be truly stunning. If you have a Ben 10 birthday coming up and have the inclination to try your hand at Ben 10 cake decorating, here are some designs to get you inspired.
Ben 10 Cake Topper
This reusable kit comes with a 3” Ben 10 figure which moves when you press a button as well as three small plastic pictures of various aliens. You will need to bake and ice a cake but can use these items to decorate it.
Ben 10 Cake Topper
18cm square edible cake decoration. With this you bake the basic cake yourself, top it with ready roll icing and just place the topper on the top.
Ben 10 Party Bag
Prefilled party bag - includes blowout, bubbles & punch balloon.
Ben 10 Party Bag
Prefilled party bag - includes window crawler, popping candy, snaps & punch balloon.
Ben 10 Party Bag
Prefilled party bag - includes sticker sheet, punch balloon, disc shooter, paper laser & candy bracelet.
Ben 10 Party Bag
Prefilled party bag - includes A4 poster, four stickers, key chain & zip pull attachment.
Ben 10 Party Bag
Prefilled party bag - includes bubbles, car, glider, blowout, mini colouring pencils, two lollies & a chocolate bar.

or Make Your Own Party Bag with a selection of the following Ben 10 party favors:

  Ben 10 Party Bag Ben 10 Party Bag Ben 10 Poster Art Set Ben 10 Bubbles Ben 10 Sticker Box Ben 10 Stickers Ben 10 Colouring Set
  Ben 10 Stickers Ben 10 Holofoil Stickers Ben 10 Blowout Ben 10 Fridge Magnets Ben 10 Tattoos Ben 10 Flyme Ben 10 Micro Figures


Ben 10 Party Ideas


Start your party planning with some Ben 10 invitations. They come in packs or you could make your own by taking an image from the internet. Just copy it into a word processing package and then type in the party information.


When the day arrives transform the party room into a Ben 10 universe with party banners and balloons. You could also use a party banner at your front door or gate to tell guests they are at the right place. Tie a helium balloon to each guest's chair to add some height and don't forget to let them take one home at the end of the party. You can bump up any purchased Ben 10 party supplies by making a few of your own from green and yellow craft paper and plain balloons.


To be in keeping with the Ben 10 theme, games revolving around the Omnitrix watch or aliens are best. Don't forget to buy some cheap Ben 10 toys to give away as prizes. Here are a few ideas for you:

Pass the parcel - put an alien picture inside random layers of wrapping. Each child that unwraps one has to do an impression of the alien to win a prize but only if the others guess who they are trying to be correctly.

Pin the tail on XLR8 - draw a large version of this alien minus its tail so that the children can attempt to stick it on whilst blindfolded.

Craft flying saucers - take some paper plates and set up a table with some crayons, pens and pencils so that the children can decorate them as flying saucers. When they are all done, take them into the garden and see who can fly theirs the farthest.

Craft Ben 10 t-shirt - stock up on a range of white t-shirts, some printable transfers and some fabric pens. Find some Ben 10 images on the internet and print some off on the special iron-on paper. Get each child to select a few transfers and set up an area where you can iron them on safely for them. Then get them to draw background images with the pens and take the t-shirts home to wear.

Ben 10 piñata - make your own piñata in the shape of an alien head. Get your children to help out one weekend before the party. Try and create one of the aliens from the cartoon. When it has dried paint it with fluorescent colors and fill it with goodies.

Alien egg hunt - buy some chocolate eggs and wrap them in bright green and yellow colored foil. Hide them around the party room and set the children on the treasure hunt. Have some extra prizes ready for those that collect the most.

Face painting - if you are handy with make up do some face painting for your party guests. Have some Ben 10 pictures ready to copy along with a face painting kit.


Save yourself the washing up hassle and buy disposable cups and plates for your party. There is a nice range of Ben 10 themed tableware and you can find an economical party pack to get everything at once. If you want to keep your costs down even further you could just use items in solid yellow and green colours. Don't miss out on the plastic tablecovers to enable an easy wipe round after the party.

Try and be imaginative with the party food and give it an alien feel. Use cheese puffs to look like alien rocks, green jelly to mimic alien goo and green drinks for alien slime.


There are various things you can buy to make your cake dilemna easier. You can of course buy a ready made one from a supermarket or you can try a Ben 10 cake topper to easily adorn a home made cake. If you are a bit more adventurous then try decorating a cake yourself - the easiest option would be a nice round Omnitrix or why not try a tougher version in the shape of one of the aliens. Either way keep it interesting by adding green dye to the cake mix for that alien feel.

Party Bags

As well as a balloon and a piece of cake it is nice for your party guests to go home with a party bag. There are a few pre-filled party bags available online or you could make your own. Here you can select individual party favours such as stickers and tattoos as well as the bag and toss in a few sweets to make your party bag one to remember.


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