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It's been five years since Ben last wore the Omnitrix. The Ben 10 Alien Force Ultimate Omnitrix looks just like Ben's brand new evolved Omnitrix on the cartoon and is the best watch yet! Featuring lights, cool sound effects and alien voices from the hit TV show, the Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix watch is the coolest way to play! Kids will love acting out action-packed alien games with their own real-life Omnitrix - the perfect roleplay accessory for boys! Attach the mini transparent figures from the 10cm Alien Collection Figures (sold separately) to the face of the watch to unlock the aliens' light and sound effects! Includes a cool transparent Swampfire figure to get the action started!



To stay up to date with the new Alien Force series, the Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix watch is another of the must-have Ben 10 toys. The accuracy to the watch in the new show is fantastic. You attach the mini translucent alien figures to the top of the watch to activate each alien. This reveals the alien's voice and name, like on the show, and is super cool. The strap is an improvement over that on the Omnitrix F/X but isn't as good as on the Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix. It can be hard to get on until you get the hang of it and sometimes has trouble staying snapped shut.

To get more than the one free mini alien figure you need to buy the 10cm Ben 10 Alien Force Aliens . These are also good toys to buy so you are not wasting your money, but being able to buy the whole set of mini figures in one go would have been more useful. This Ben 10 Alien Force Ultimate Omnitrix watch does have lights and sounds without any alien figures attached but your Ben 10 fan is likely to want more than the one alien that comes with it ... you've been warned!

Of all the Ben 10 Omnitrix watches, this one can be a little more glitchy than the others. The face is occasionally reluctant to stay completely down and attaching the alien figures to the watch dial can be tricky until you get the hang of it. You need to make sure they are facing the on-off switch (the little, black, left to right slider on the side of the watch). You then need to hold the figure directly over the watch, lining the plastic holders on the base of the figure with the holes around the watch face (this looks like a black circle at the edge of the watch when you are looking down on it). To take the figure off, hold the alien’s feet and tilt it towards the on-off switch until it unlocks itself. This Ben 10 Omnitrix watch does hold up to rough play like the other toys in the range.

Overall this new Ben 10 Omnitrix toy is good and solid solid and will be money well spent for an avid Ben 10 fan.



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